ARC Troop Bust

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ARC Troopers, formally known as Advanced Recon Commandos, were elite clone troopers who served the Republic during the Clone Wars. They were usually sent on various combat missions that other clones could not accomplish. While this was the case for most ARC Troopers, several other ARCs chose to remain on Kamino to observe Clone Cadet training and pick out potential ARC Trooper candidates from the latest batch of Cadets.

Our NEW ARC Trooper Bust is the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan or for yourself. ARC Trooper Bust is the perfect addition to your office space, gaming room, or as decor for any Star Wars lover.

Dimensions: 11in x 5in x 7in
Weight: 1lbs
Color: White
Includes: (1) ARC Trooper Bust

Made in the USA with International Shipping Available


(No reviews yet) Write a Review