Bored Ape Headphone Stand

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The "floor price" for the project -- what you'll pay for an ape with common traits -- is $420,000 (145 ether). Apes with the golden fur trait are rare, and so sell for much more. One sold in January for $1.3 million. Another with gold fur and laser eyes, two sub-1% traits, went for $3 million. (And both of those occured when the floor price was about half of what it is now.)

The trend that took over the internet is now available as a headphone stand. This headphone stand is paintable so you can paint it to match your ape. This is perfect for any office space, room decor, or for a gift.

Dimensions: 10in x 6in x 8in
Weight: 15oz.
Color: Grey
Includes: (1) Bored Ape Headphone Stand

Made in the USA with International Shipping Available


(No reviews yet) Write a Review