Brachiosaurus Headphone Stand

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Rather disappointingly, considering its long neck, long tail, and enormous bulk, the late Jurassic Brachiosaurus (Greek for "arm lizard") was named after a less impressive feature. Compared to its hind limbs, the relatively long length of its front limbs endowed this dinosaur with a distinctly giraffe-like posture. This was clearly a dietary adaptation, as the longer front limbs allowed Brachiosaurus to reach the high branches of trees without unduly straining its neck. There's even some speculation that this sauropod could rear up occasionally on its hind legs, like a giant grizzly bear!


Our lovable long-necked plant eater is here to assist you with all your headphone holding needs and in style! This is the perfect gift for the dinosaur lover or gamer in your life or for yourself.


This headphone stand is a paintable model.
Dimensions: 24cm x 18cm x 17cm
Color: Grey
Includes: (1) Brachiosaurus Headphone Stand



(No reviews yet) Write a Review