Liu Kang Figurine

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After the design team opted out of the traditional monk design of the original Yoshitsune, Liu Kang's design started to resemble Bruce Lee. This included Bruce Lee's iconic topless look and his sleek aesthetic. In fact, even Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon inspired Liu Kang's backstory. Additionally, Liu Kang also replicates some of Bruce Lee's mannerisms, such as making noises while making swift strikes.

Your favorite warrior is now availble in a figurine. In the video game "Mortal Kombat," now Liu Kang inspires you as you battle your enemies, or create the next awesome thing. Whether you like the video game or the movies, this figurine is perfect for any gaming setup or just has decor. 

Color: Grey
Dimensions: 11 in x 6 in x 4 in
Weight: 5 oz
Includes: (1) Liu Kang Figurine

Made in the USA with International Shipping


(No reviews yet) Write a Review