Rattlesnake Paintable Figurine

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Rattlesnakes only eat when they’re hungry, so an adult usually goes about two weeks between meals on average. The exact amount of time depends on how big their last meal was. Rattlesnakes typically hunt mice, rats, squirrels, and rabbits, but they will also eat birds if they can catch them. A younger rattlesnake tends to eat more often, up to once a week. 

Our NEW Rattlesnake Paintable Figurine is the perfect gift for any painter in your life or for yourself. The Rattlesnake is the perfect addition to your office space, gaming room, or as decor.

Dimensions: 7in x 6in x 8in
Weight: 1lbs
Color: Grey
Includes: (1) Rattlesnake Paintable Figurine

Made in the USA with International Shipping Available


(No reviews yet) Write a Review