Zombie Ironman Bust

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From 1993 to 1996 Marvel’s stock plummeted from over $35 a share to around $2. No one was buying comics anymore, and other revenue streams were drying up. Marvel’s solution was to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, a prospect that left Marvel so strapped for cash that they resorted to selling their own filing cabinets for money. Eventually, Marvel merged with Toy Biz and pulled out of their money problems by turning their attention to movies; and the rest is history.

Our NEW Zombie Ironman Bust is the perfect gift for any Marvel fan or for yourself. Zombie Ironman Bust is the perfect addition to your office space, gaming room, or as decor for any comic book lover.

Dimensions: 7in x 6in x 8in
Weight: 1lbs
Color: Black
Includes: (1) Zombie Ironman Bust

Made in the USA with International Shipping Available


(No reviews yet) Write a Review